Minutes of General Meeting 19 March 2021

19 March 2021

  • Attendees: Grace Zhou
  • Steven Menyhart
  • Sandra Menyhart
  • Nicole Thibault
  • Shaun Belanger
  • Barb de Jong
  • Richard Lovatt


Grace provided an electronic agenda for the video meeting.  Thanks were given to all for participating in the virtual meeting.


Early bird registration will start 06 April 2021.  The rates will be the same as in the 2020 season: $80 for a family, $60 for a single person, and $30 for a junior player.  Additional keys will be $4 per copy.  

There will be NO guest fees applied since the City prohibits guests so as to limit the spread of Covid.  Play on outdoor courts will be permitted provided social distancing is practiced.  There will be no tournaments or league play until the City gives tennis clubs the go ahead.  These issues may change as we move forward with vaccinations.  The City (Kelly Bean) will keep us informed and the website will be updated as required.  The City will be hosting a video conference with all city run tennis clubs on 24 March 2021 from 7PM to 9PM.  Grace will listen to what the City has to say about how to conduct the club since it is considered a “red zone”. We will have to update the Covid rules on the web site accordingly.

On-line registration will be available by the 6th of April. Payments can be made electronically (e-transfers directly to the bank account) or by cheque/cash.  Steven is to inform the TD bank of the email address for the club that will be used.

Distribution packets will be distributed in the same manner as in the previous season.  Sandra and Barb will co-ordinate the player members alphabetically and provide each member with a baggie containing a soft cloth, chalk and key.  The baggie will be picked up from either Sandra’s or Barb’s house.  At each of the courts a bottle of sanitizer will be available for use by members.  All common contact points must be sanitized by the last players leaving the court.  

Steven will arrange for the re-keying of the padlocks and the purchase of 150 keys.  

All former members will be contacted by email to inform them of the coming electronic registration.  Also, the community associations for Pine Glen and Country Place will be contacted to place an ad informing residents of the coming electronic registration.  


As part of the club’s maintenance program, the Grenfell courts will be resurfaced this season.  A contract has been signed with Chris Smith of Canada Courts to resurface the courts starting late May/early June.  Hopefully, the weather will be in our favour so that the contract can be completed as quickly as possible.


The rules are posted on the Glens website.  They must be reviewed especially regarding the booking of time for doubles play during prime time (6PM to 9PM).  It was concluded that doubles players can book for one hour only on one specific court and at the end of the hour, If no one else has booked the same court and no one is waiting to play on the court, only then can the doubles players continue to play on that court.  

The rules must also be reviewed with respect to playing privileges accorded to junior players.  These junior players are designated by Arthur Cuenco (Club Pro) of having sufficient skill to play during the prime time.  

Another issue to be emphasized is juniors on the court playing without the supervision of their parents/guardians.  The club is responsible if any injury were to occur.   A laminated sign is being considered for this issue.  This point will also be emphasized in future membership emails.

All these issues as well as consistency of language used must be reviewed and brought to light to the members.  Sandra will tweak and/or highlight as recommended by the Executive for now (Web Site). Mark Zuker is being considered for this important task.


A discussion regarding the admission of pickle ball players was had.  New lines would have to be applied in addition to the tennis court lines.   Consideration was given to locating the pickle ball courts on the adjacent basketball court in the Pineglen area or just to the east of the playground  (the City would have to have a pad poured and fencing installed).  

It is still unclear as to what the level of interest is from our area in this emerging sport.  Whoever is interested would be made responsible for organizing the sport and to co-ordinate their efforts with the Glens Tennis Club, especially for hours of play.  

The consensus around the table was to keep the tennis courts separate from the pickle ball courts.  Until the interest has been determined, the club will not pursue this initiative.  


There was plenty of talk regarding junior tournaments.  No issues discussed had any impact on our club.  To date, the Glens is not part of the NCTA.


Steven will send an email to the insurance provider asking for a cost quote.

Since Steven is stepping down from the Treasurer/Secretary position, Grace has asked Yanping Wang to assume the position of Treasurer.  She is a member of the Glens Tennis Club and has an accounting background.  The search for a Secretary is on-going.

There will be no port-a-potties installed this season.

Richard will check on the AEDs at each of the courts to verify if any maintenance is required.

Aidan and Devin McLoed will be responsible for the upkeep of both courts this season.  Nicole will make contact with them to inform them of the opening of the courts so that they can arrange for a general cleanup prior to that date.  They will be paid the same rate of $15/hour and will submit a monthly timesheet to Nicole for payment.

The meeting adjourned at 20H30.