Executive Member

Grace Zhou
H: (613) 366-8785
C: (613) 434-7128

Executive at large:
Sandra Menyhart

Steven Menyhart
(613) 225-4488 

Grounds and Court Maintenance:
Yvon Roy
(613) 224-5159 
The timing of the court lights is controlled by the City of Ottawa. For any issues, please contact 311.

Membership and Keys:
Grace Zhou
H: (613) 366-8785
C: (613) 434-7128
Registrations cannot be completed over the phone. Please complete the registrations online or drop off the completed registration form and payment to 23 Antler Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1Z4.

Playing Chair:
Ryan Chan
C: (613) 304-2085

Club Pro:
Arthur Cuenco
(613) 862-1656

Past President:
Barbara de Jong
(613) 224-5593

Matt Carter
(613) 406-5040