The Glens Tennis Club operates as a Community Tennis Club under the auspices, applicable regulations and guidelines set forth by the City of Ottawa Parks & Recreation Department.


For the benefit of all, the rules set out below must be adhered to by every member at both Glens Tennis Club locations: Grenfell Glen and Pineglen.  Remember that these are your courts; your fairness, courtesy and honesty are essential in keeping the club operating successfully.


  • Pineglen and Grenfell Glen courts are open from 7:00AM to 11PM every day of the week

Player Age Groups

  • Adult: 18 years and over as of Jan 1st of the current year
  • Designated Junior: player who has been granted adult privileges by the club pro or the Club Executive. Note: A responsible and serious junior player striving to improve their skills may approach the Club Executive should they be interested in being granted this designation
  • Junior: under 18 years as of Jan 1st of the current year
  • Young Junior: under 10 years as of Jan 1st of the current year

Time of Play and Player’s Eligibility 

  • Non-Prime Time hours:
    • Time of Play:
      • Weekdays (Mon. to Fri.) from 7:00AM to 6:00PM and   9:00PM to 11:00PM
      • Weekends (Sat. & Sun.) from 7:00AM to 8:00AM and 12:00PM to 11:00PM
    • Eligible to play are: 
      • Adults, Designated Juniors and Juniors
      • Young Juniors if they are:
        • participating in a lesson
        • accompanied by an adult member/parent/guardian
  • Prime Time hours:
    • Time of Play:
      • Weekdays (Mon. to Fri.)  from 6:00PM to   9:00PM 
      • Weekends (Sat. &  Sun.) from 8:00AM to 12:00PM 
    • Eligible to play are:
      • Adults and Designated Juniors

Club Activities

  • Club sanctioned activities such as tournaments and Club championships take precedence over individual court bookings

Booking of Courts

  • Players must ensure that there are no scheduled sanctioned Club events prior to booking a court
  • Adults and Designated Juniors may schedule court time during Prime and Non-Prime hours
  • Juniors may schedule time during Non-Prime hours only.
  • Juniors may play for one time slot during Prime Time should a court be unoccupied however, if Adults or Designated Juniors request to play, they must leave the courts
  • Young Juniors are not permitted to schedule any court time 
  • Non-Prime time: courts may be booked for a period of 1 hour for singles and 2 hours for doubles; courts may be booked up to 23 hours in advance  
  • Prime time: courts may be booked for a period of 1 hour for singles and 1 hour for doubles; courts must be booked on the same day of play (7:00AM to 11:00PM)
  • Prime and Non-Prime time: Once court play has terminated, players may book the same court for an additional hour and continue play if said court was not booked or if said court was booked and players did not show within their grace period of 10 minutes
  • Courts are booked on the hour e.g. 10:00 to 11:00 and not 10:30 to11:30. A one hour booking includes 55 minutes of play and a 5 minutes change over 
  • The names of all players and the date of play must be clearly chalk written on the reservations board 
  • Players have 10 minutes grace in the event that they arrive late for their court booking
  • Booking at both Grenfell and Pineglen locations for same time slot by same players is not permitted
  • Bookings for club-sanctioned event (i.e. Club Championships, tournaments, etc) must be clearly stated on the reservation board as additional time may be required to complete a match

Court Usage

  • All player tags must be hung on the reservation board in line with the time of play and the court number when using the courts
  • Only heel­less soft-­soled running shoes are permitted on the courts (no sandals or open toed shoes)
  • A single player may use 1 court for practice during Non-Prime time only and as long as the court is not being requested by players wishing to play a game
  • No more than four persons may share a court except during a lesson
  • Refrain from using the backboard at the Pineglen courts prior to 8:00AM
  • All guests are required to pay a daily guest membership fee prior to playing;  daily guest members must show proof of payment and signed waiver form should they be questioned by a member of the Club Executive
  • Non-­members and non-paying guests are not permitted on the courts at any time; players who have not paid either a club membership fee or a guest fee will be asked to leave the court by a member of the Club Executive. Note: This is a provision of the City of Ottawa

Group Usage Policy

  • This policy applies for the use of the Club’s courts and facilities by a group of players
  • Events being hosted may include: tournaments, coaching/teaching and exhibition matches
  • A formal written application to use the courts and facilities must be submitted to obtain written approval from the Club President or her/his designate
  • Written application to use the Club courts and facilities must specify:
    • Dates, times and duration of proposed courts and facilities usage
    • Name of function’s organizer
    • Name of the person who will administer Club’s waiver forms, collect daily guest fees and ensure forms and fees are turned over to the Club
  • All persons playing on the courts must be current club members or paying guests; all guest players must sign the Club waiver document prior to playing on the courts for the first time
  • For the purpose of this policy, two consecutive court times may be booked when a Club sanctioned match is being played
  • Violation of and non-adherence to this policy will be regarded as contravention of the signed application and will be reported to the City of Ottawa; the City of Ottawa Police may be called immediately

Last Update: 01-April 2021