Club Note

Glens Tennis Club


Annual General Meeting via Zoom

17 November 2020


  • Grace Zhou President/Membership
  • Steven Menyhart Treasurer/Secretary
  • Nicole Thibault Grounds Chairperson
  • Barb de Jong Past President/Women’s League Captain
  • Sandra Menyhart Member-at-large
  • Shaun Belanger
  1. Welcome

Grace Zhou welcomed the Executive to the AGM.  The agenda was provided electronically.  Each Executive member provided a summary of the year’s events to the Secretary.

2. President’s Report (Grace Zhou)

Grace welcomed everyone to the meeting.  The season went by quickly and it was extremely challenging to the Executive considering the COVID-19 pandemic.  Overall, the membership enrolment was down, no activities were held, there was no interclub play, and the rules of play were forever changing in accordance to the City of Ottawa health regulations.  The website was updated to reflect these changes.  

Nicole Thibault joined the Executive as grounds chairperson to replace the outgoing Richard Lovatt.  She was tasked to oversee the work of Aidan and Devan McLeod who were hired to maintain the courts.  In addition, she arranged the contract with Canada Court who will resurface the Grenfell Courts and repair the Pineglen Courts (warranty work).

Sandra was a great help in updating the Glens’ web site.  It was the first time that the Club used an electronic format for registration and it was very successful. Updates will be implemented to improve the payment methods and ease of use. 

Further details from each of the Executive members follows.

3. Membership Report. (Grace Zhou)

In reference to the attached membership chart, it was noted that there was an increase in membership for Country Place and Pineglen.  All other neighborhoods showed a decline.   Early bird registration did not occur this year. Updates to on-line payment methods will be applied with the assistance of Richard (Web expert) and we will replace Pay-Pal by E-transfer. PayPal charged the club just under $200 for the registration payment transactions.  Steven will verify whether our bank account at TD allows E-transfers.  New for next season, a membership list will be made available to members.  The list will include member’s names and their respective email addresses.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Steven Menyhart)

A draft budget was sent out electronically to all Executive members for review (refer to attached financial documents).  Overall, due to the COVID crisis, many of the projected expenses were not realized.  For example, portable washrooms were not ordered, tournaments were not held and the year-end BBQ-Finals was not hosted.  In view of this, the 2021 season is based on the COVID restrictions still being in place.  The main expense for the 2021 season will be the resurfacing of the Grenfell Courts.  As shown by the membership report, it was forecasted that revenue will be approximately $6 000 based on no changes being made to the membership fee structure.  The deficiency between the revenue and the expense will be made up from the Club’s bank account.  We are fortunate that the Club is healthy in that respect.

Steven announced that after 25 years of service, 2021 will be his last year on the Executive.

5. Maintenance Report (Nicole Thibault)

Nicole thanked Richard Lovatt for sharing all his files and Steven and Sandra Menyhart for providing assistance with her new duties.

Chris Smith of Canada Courts was contacted to evaluate the Grenfell Courts as well as to inspect the Pineglen Courts with respect to warranty work on specific areas of the courts.  The work to be done at the Grenfell courts includes the following:  

  • Power wash two tennis courts super clean so as to create a clean finish for new materials to adhere.
  • Fill in visible cracks as noted using elastomeric crack filler.
  • Supply and install two patches where noted water appears to be standing after rainfall.
  • Supply and install one heavy coat of Blue to the playing area of courts.
  • Supply and install one heavy coat of Green to outbound area of courts.
  • Layout and paint tennis court lines using white line paint.

The contract will cost $6,999 plus HST; there will be a 2-year limited warranty on all work.  We are presently awaiting a firm contract and start time from Canada Court.

Brothers Aidan and Devan McLeod were responsible for the upkeep of all four courts. They have done a spectacular job at both sites.  Both have agreed to return next season.

Dick de Jong installed and stained boards located beneath the backboard at the Pineglen courts to facilitate the retrieval of errant balls.

Yvon Roy, Paul Cameron and Steven helped in the installation and removal of the tennis nets.  New tennis posts were ordered for Pineglen court #1 as the old ones rusted out after 40 years of service.

6.Competitive League and Event Report 

Due to COVID-19, all competitive events and tournaments were cancelled.

7. Men’s Senior League/Women’s League (Steven Menyhart & Barb de Jong)

Men’s Senior League (Captain: Steven Menyhart):

Due to COVID-19, all senior league play was cancelled.  If there is an upcoming season, the Division 2 team will require at least six players.  Currently, four players have come forward.  Without the additional two players, it will be impossible to put forward a team.

Women’s League (Captain:  Barb de Jong):

Due to COVID-19, the women’s league schedule was cancelled.  However, weekly practices were held.

8. 2021 Glens Tennis Club Executive

  • Grace Zhou President/Membership
  • Steven Menyhart Treasurer/Secretary
  • Nicole Thibault Grounds Chairperson
  • Barb deJong Past President
  • Sandra Menyhart Executive-at-large/Membership
  • Shaun Belanger Executive-at-large
  • Mark Zucker Executive-at-large

9. Round Table (All)

The introduction of pickle ball lines was discussed.  Chris Smith of Canada Courts will be asked to provide a quote to paint the additional lines on one of the two courts at the Grenfell site.  The Grenfell Courts were selected due to noise concerns.  Prior to any work being done, we will reach out to members during next year’s registration process to find out if there is interest in this project.

If the COVID virus persists into the 2021 season, we will prepare a sealable plastic package including a piece of chalk, a rag for erasing any chalk marks, and the key(s).

A review of the Glens Tennis Club constitution should be done over the winter months and presented at the next meeting for comments.  It should be updated with respect to noise levels while on the courts, junior play i.e. time of play and required supervision.

Steven will shop around for the re-keying of the two locks and the 120 member keys.

Contact will be made with our pro Arthur Cuenco in regards to junior play, camps and after-school programs.

The AGM minutes will be posted on the Glens’ website.

The next meeting will be held via ZOOM in the month of February 2021.  Grace will set the time and date and send out invitations to the Executive.

Meeting was adjourned at 20:08.